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Autistic Wiki

Welcome to Autistic Wiki, a free library of information about autism and autistics. The public is welcome to contribute to the wiki, although registration is required, and we expect only factual information to be published. Autistic Wiki does not support the anti-vaccination movement nor the autism-as-a-tragedy community.

We consider this safe space, and although autism is a disability, with the proper support, we are capable of living productive, fulfilling lives just like any other person.

Why an Autistic Wiki?

Autistic Wiki was born when one day I was Googling for information and the main search results always came back as Wikipedia or Autism Speaks. I consider Wikipedia a good starting point if the content is referenced properly. But I don't consider Autism Speaks a good place for the public to be getting autism information.

It wasn't until I started following blogs and social media that I found actual autistics writing first hand accounts about their experiences. It frustrated me that I could not find this information easily until after I was already immersed in the online community. I thought to myself, we should have our own website where people can come to learn about autism, without having to spend months picking up bits and pieces from blogs and Facebook accounts. And then it hit me, if I had a need for this thing, other people did too. So I started Autistic Wiki.

My hope is that with time, when someone does an online search for something autism-related, they will find the Wiki before they find someone like Autism Speaks. We are the real autism experts and only we have the authority to tell our story.

I do believe that whoever controls the information, controls the people. And the reason why we have so much negative stigma associated with autism is directly linked to Autism Speaks' "awareness" campaigns. If we can be visible enough for the public to learn about autism from us, rather than them, we will have a huge impact in creating autism acceptance.

Registration Process

The first version of the Wiki was destroyed by spam bots. I'm in the process of setting up permissions that will make it very hard for spammers to ruin the Wiki again. Newly registered users will have a short time span, usually 4 days, before they are allowed to edit or create pages and I had to throttle the number of edits users can make within a given time period. I will be playing with these settings until I find what seems to be the sweet spot, so don't be alarmed if one day you can make multiple edits and the next day you can't. I have also added the Captcha at login, to make it less likely for Spambots to be creating accounts.

I have (I hope!) completely eliminated the ability for anonymous page creation and edits.

I apologize to the users who will be inconvenienced by these changes, but it is a necessity. The Wiki very quickly becomes useless without it. And let's be honest, if a user is legit, waiting 4 days is not going to be a game changer.

--AutisticWiki (talk) 02:55, 28 March 2015 (EDT)

The information below is part of the default page. Normally it is expected to be deleted but I am going to keep it here because I find it useful as a reference.

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