Welcome to Autistic Wiki

Autistic Wiki is a free library of information about autism. It is written and monitored by the autistic community.

We are the real autism experts.


Who We Are

We are your daughters and your sons. We are your mother. We are your father. We are your neighbor. We are your friend. We are everywhere. And we have always been here. Autism touches everyone.

You won’t find any puzzle pieces here. Autistics are not a a mystery to be solved. We are valuable members of society, just like everyone else. And just like everyone else, we have our quirks and we have our ways.

When you start to view us as culturally different, rather than broken or damaged, our ‘atypical’ behavior starts to make more sense.

We Are Different, Not Broken

This is autistic safe space. We work to show the true face of autism: the good, the bad and the ugly. This is not a place for fear-mongering and hatred. Here we support the facts and truth of autism straight from the people who are living it.

Share Your Knowledge

All who are autistic, or autistic-curious are welcome to stay, learn and contribute. Our goal is to have one central location where family, friends and the public can learn about autism without all of the misinformation put out by some so-called experts.

We believe the most important aspect of autistic advocacy is allowing autistics to speak for themselves. No one can tell our story as well as we can. Our hope is that with time, our search rankings will rise above hate and disinformation groups so that our story gets told first. I hope you will join us.